Discussion Questions for February 7th

Discussion questions for Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

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1. In the prologue, the general manager of a posh London hotel would not let Eleanor, Felicity, Alexandra, and their families stay at the hotel. What do you think of this opening? This happened in the 1980’s; were you surprised by the racial implications?

 2. Does Nick’s description - “It’s like any big family. I have loudmouth uncles, eccentric aunts, obnoxious cousins, the whole nine yards” (p.67) - match how you view your own family? Does this description cross economic and cultural lines?

 3. This year’s Golden Globes nominated two films that were good examples of representation, “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Black Panther” for Best Motion Picture in their categories. Which of these two do you think were a better example of representation and why? How do you feel they differ?

 4. In honor of Black History Month, Disney has announced that for the first 7 days of February, Black Panther will be shown for free at AMC theaters. Disney has also donated $1.5M to the United Negro College Fund. What do you think of this type of support/public relations/marketing?

 5. Looking back through your lifetime, which film or TV show made you feel represented when you watched it? Which made you most excited for another group to be represented? Why?