Discussion Questions for May 2nd

Discussion Questions for Becoming by Michelle Obama

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1. Throughout “Becoming” Michelle Obama faces the issue of race, yet does not allow it to rule her life. What examples most stood out for you in her moments of resilience and triumph over the ugly roadblocks thrown up by the realities of racism?

2. As Mrs. Obama’s life become more public and her personality became scrutinized, she was frequently critiqued for her choices and perspective. How do you feel these critiques and scrutinies reflect America’s obsession with race?

3. When the Obamas became the First Family of the United States of America, the color of their skin and their ethnicity became a frequent target of those who identify as political and even social opponents of Barack and Michelle Obama. Name some of these instances and describe how those instances make you feel, as an American, and as a human being?

4. Open discussion